Problems with Turok (2008)

Ok so I bought this game recently and have been trying to play it but it's just pi**ing me off, not because I think its hard because I like that about it although I think it would be a little easier if I had more than 25 bloody fps!

I've checked the requirements for it and they're well below my pc specs (i think). I run the game at 1680x1050 on the recommended quality for my pc which happens to be all at full.

I'm running an Intel quad core @ 2.44ghz. An ATI HD4800 series 512mb and 4gb of ram yet i cant get any more than 20-25 fps.

I mean i can play Crysis at 1440x900 at very high quality and get at least 60 fps... is this game just badly coded or something?
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  1. This game is very playable on my pc and it falls below the cpu spec, but only on medium settings. The filtering in your video setting may to be the blame so put it to the lowest bi-linear setting because I have heard that this significantly affects your pc's performance. You should check if your graphic card is supported by the game.
  2. what ati card have you got? which 4800 is it? 1680x1050 is quite a high resolution to play Turok on that card, and check what setting you have turned anti-aliasing and aniso-tropic filtering on. is it just this game you are having problems with? Also try resetting the profile in appdata/roaming/touchstone. Sometimes i think i have been noticing low FPS with an ATI 6850 on a 1280x1024 resolution monitor, it had something to do with the profile. It does have some slow points though, the game is restricted to 60FPS or 75FPS depending on the monitor refresh rate you have selected. i like that game, but the online mode doesn't seem to work it tells me could not connect to online server, perhaps have they shut it down?
  3. Please check the dates in future.
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