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Alright guys I'm almost positive that my Xbox 360 controller should work on my pc I saw my friend make it work but he had Windows XP. I have downloaded the drivers and the software for the controller from But when i go to the control panel and click on the "hardware and sound" tab to configure the controller doesn't appear. But what i find weird is that my computer auto detects the controller and automatically installs the driver (happens in the lower right of the desktop). If anyone has any idea how to maybe get past the fact that the controller is for the Xbox 360 and get it to work for the pc
Thanks for any helpful inputs guys

o btw i have vista 64-bit
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  1. Did you try restarting after you installed the drivers?
  2. i have the same controller for my PC. Try pressing and holding down the "X" button on the middle of the controller. Make sure the USB adapter is properly connected to the controller. Hope that helps.. any more problems PM me.
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