MB Problems!!!

So I'm working on a friends computer because his mb fried and I put in a new cpu and it turned on for like five seconds and then just shut off. So I ripped apart my computer and put the new cpu in my computer and it did that same thing. When I put my old cpu in, the computer would turn on but i woul dget no video signal just the fans and hard drvies running. The system worked just fine before i pu tthe new chip in.
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  1. I have absolutely the same problems!!

    I got for the office a new MSI K7N2 Delta L mobo, an AthlonXP2500+ cpu and a 512MB DDR333 Kingston DIMM; got also a 400W PSU cause the old one was...OLD.

    I put this all together, put a GF4 Ti4200 8x card as well, turned the PC on and exactly the same thing - fans spin for 3-4s and then it totally dies. And please don't tell me to check the connections cause I've done that a hundred times now.

    Next thing I did was take the athlon (cause I suspected damage) and test it on another machine and it ran fine.

    Then I put a Duron 733 that I had around on the MSI mobo, the PC powers up but there's no video signal no matter what...

    Changed with several other DIMMs as well, no luck...

    I read it's good to reset the BIOS, did that a few times too and still nothing...

    totally desperate and my boss won't be happy at all if I don't fix it soon :-/
  2. the only time the psu will automatically power down is when there is a short...i would recomend the both of ya to take your pc's apart...lay the mobo on a flat peice of cardboard...and run it with just the video card and keyboard...see if ya can get past post...then you cand truoubleshoot from there...

    There is no smell better than fried silicon :evil:
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