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I'm currently looking for a gaming computer (preferably a desktop). My budget is probably around $550. Games I'll probably play on this computer are Dragon Nest, Minecraft, League of Legends, and maybe A.V.A. Thnx in advance!
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  1. I've been doing more research and I found a couple of good Lenovo Desktops. I don't think the games I want to play are that demanding. I just want at least medium settings without any great lag for these games(Dragon nest, minecraft, league of legends, ava) especially Dragon Nest budget is actually around $450, but I'm just stretching it a bit...Are any of these fine? I also heard Lenovo computers are well designed for great prices. Thnx in advance for those that response!


    or this one?

    $470 (I was thinking of this one)
  2. okay honestly both of those PCs dont have a dedicated video card i don't think they can run any of those games well other than minecraft.. i was reading the specs and one is intel HD 2000 witch is junk for games and then their is the other one with the radeon 3000 witch is better but still old.. if you can go down their id ask them to check if ether if them have a PCI-Express slot on them 16X slot and just add a video card to it if it dose.... i know minecraft would probally be fine but i know dragon nest and league of legends probally demand a litte more you have to spend atleast 50 dollars more on a video card... i know a few good sites for video cards..
    this computer has windows XP on it so i hope your okay with that..

    you could but this for 250 bucks and spend the rest on this
    that will cost 124 bucks

    so far at 374 and spend the rest on
    a decent power supply cause usually the ones that come with PCs like that are not powerful enough for video cards..
    as long as your okay with swapping power supply out..

    so that would be good enough to play mostly anything just newer games you might not be able to cause of CPU but it will def run the games you want...

    also leaves room for a quad core upgrade...
  3. Thnx a lot for the response, but I don't know exactly how to swap the power supply and mess with graphics cards. I know that building the computer is much cheaper and better, but I'd probably just go with prebuilt ones. Oh and I found a pretty good laptop, but the graphics aren't good. The processor is great though for the price. And I saw some gameplay videos of left 4 dead on youtube with this computer, so I thought it might be worth to check out.
  4. laptops are usually not preferred for gaming...but it looked like it was good. What's your opinion on this?
  5. I have a used desktop gaming PC that I paid over $1,500 for that I am looking to sell. I'd be more than happy to settle for a price within your range.

    Here are it's parts:
    SONY DVDR Burner
    WD 640GB HDD
    Antec Nine Hundred Case
    EVGA 9800 GTX+
    PC Power & Cooling 750W PSU
    Intel Core 2 Duo E8400
    OCZ Reaper 4GB RAM
    Zalman Cooling Fan
    Sony DVD-ROM Drive
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Extreme
    Fantom Drives 1TB HDD
    Saitek Eclipse II Keyboard
    Razer Lachesis Mouse

    If you don't want all those listed parts included than I would be willing to sell you only what you want.

    I can also take the 1TB HDD out of its external case and install it in the computer for free if you'd like.
  6. It's pretty easy to swap out parts.. ill look around and see if i can find a guide ive been swaping out parts since i was 17... now im 21 allmost 22..

    those will both show you how to change a power supply and video card.. its really easy to do..
  7. Where are you located? I might have a whole one, that can even play BF3 on High...

    If you are interested, send me a mail at
  8. @verdenshersker--post your build so we can let him know if it's worth the money.

    @OP--If you're dead set on pre-built (instead of learning to build it yourself), then a laptop is a great way to go if you're open to it. Desktops are great too--but those are better built yourself. A $550 gaming laptop on a sale will outperform the one posted by dklax77.

    Let me see what I can find on laptops...if you're looking for gaming performance, try to find an AMD A6 or A8 with a Radeon 6650M for $410 or so. That laptop you linked doesn't work anymore. I suggest something similar to this, but only not out-of-stock:

    I'll see what I can find.

    EDIT: To be clear, I'm aware a 6650M doesn't match a 9800GTX+/GTS 250. However, at the 1366x768 a laptop uses, it will appear to match/beat it.
  9. Here, $480 new A6-3400M and the reviews say it's mislabeled and actually has a 6650M:

    EDIT: I'm closing the thread. PM me if you want me to open it again.
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