Mouse sluggish during heavy disk activity

Yet another problem under ME -- the mouse becomes very sluggish when there's a lot of disk activity. I have two drives on different IDE channels, get the same problem with both of them. The mouse is connected directly to the PS/2 port and uses IRQ12. The system is a multi-OS and I do not have this problem under W2K. I do have the problem under Linux, but only if I do not switch on the DMA mode for the disk drivers -- after I do that, the mouse is fine under Linux. I thought maybe I needed to turn on DMA mode for ME, but I can't figure out how to do that. Also I should mention that this was not a problem on my old (Intel-based) system where I had the same software and the same peripherals. Downloaded the VIA 4in1 drivers but under ME the ATAPI driver is not installed (also tried under W2K, it installs there but I don't seem to get any control panel for setting the DMA modes). Help!
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  1. Have you tried turning off the PC Health Scheduler (Settings/Control Panel/Scheduled Tasks)
  2. No. I'll try it tonight. But the mouse response is fine when I'm not taxing the hard drives...
  3. Found the problem, it was the same as Linux basically, you need to enable DMA for the hard drives. This can be done from the device manager. Posting this mainly to help anyone else that runs across the same issue.
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