The official remembrance thread of Steve Jobs on Tom's Hardware forum.

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Very sad.


Hi, as you may know, Steve Job passed away. Although I am not an Apple user and has often criticise Apple product openly on Tom's Hardware (I criticise every brand really, not just Apple). I think Steve has done something amazing to transform Apple and released many successful Apple product under his direction. He will always be remembered as one of the most important people in the history of Apple, in the technology industry and in the world.

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  1. I know, I just heard. Even if you weren't an Apple guy, you still have to admit the guy was a genius. RIP
  2. Just thought I'd let everyone know, if they didn't already, that Steve Jobs passed away today.

    If you want to email Apple's remembrance of Steve, you can do so at , I did right away.

    I'm sure his family will read a lot of these and really appreciate it.

    RIP to a genius of modern technology, and thank you for founding one of the greatest companies of this generous. My Mac family will always remember you.

    Steve Jobs, RIP.

    He's probably up in heaven teaching God how to use his new iPhone 4s. By the way, anyone else think that Apple should rename the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 4SJ in remembrance of Steve?

  3. RIP Steve Jobs. You will never be forgotten.
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    RIP Steve Jobs
    The official remembrance thread fo Steve Jobs on Tom's Hardware forum.
  5. I know its very unpopular here at the THG forums to not dislike Apple and their products. I'm going to miss Mr. Jobs innovation, even if that innovation was just taking the existing and making it easier to use. He hasn't even been gone from the helm that long and we already have disappointments like the ones we received with yesterday's iPhone 4s announcement.

    Yes, Steve, you'll be missed.
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