What do I need to play Elder Skrrolls IV Oblivion?

Hi guys I just got oblivion for the PC and ive heard it has some problems geting to work.

I tried to install it to my Acer Laptop and it wouldn't even bring up the set up process.

So I really need to know what I need to play it.
If you can give me a list of what i need, That would be very helpful.

Thank you guys. :D
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  1. how do you mean?

    the system specs will be written on the game case, and that will tell you what the minimum requirements are.

    everything you need to install the game is on the disk.

    could you elaborate?
  2. Go to a website like "Can you run it" (you have to be on the computer that you intend to play the game on). It will analyze your system and tell you if you meet the minimum and recommended requirements.
  3. Well, as it doesn't look like your spell checker is even working, I don't have much hope for Oblivion ;)
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