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I have an old STEAM ACCOUNT that I haven't used in a while. I've tried retrieving it but can't seem to be able to access the account what-so-ever. The account is tagged on my friends list and having been offline for over 200 days. Here is all I know regarding the account: the exact STEAM ID, Password, Secret Question/Answer. I do NOT know the Username, E-mail, nor do I have the CD keys connected to the account. Is it still possible to have this retrieved? I am asking now before I go directly to Steam Support and settle the case there.
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  1. As far as I know there is no way to do it without the user name or email. I'm sure by looking on your friends list he could find your email or password somehow.What is your steam ID I can try to figure out your email?
  2. Steam support should be able to send a confirmation email or something to the email address attached to the account, although without some proof they probably won't tell you what email address that is, you just have to hope it's one of the ones you remember your webmail or POP3/IMAP credentials for. Can't really say exactly what they'll do though. I've found steam support helpful in the past, they're just really, really slow to respond.
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