Cheap and legit ps3

Hey everyone,
I was wondering if any one knows of any place where i can get a cheap 40 gig ps3?
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    There are alot of ps3's on craigslist in my area for under $200. I've seen a couple for $150 even.

    or you can look at ebay... probably the same there since the slim's came out.
  2. ok thanks thats probably where i will get one
  3. Another good place is www.used<city>.com, where <city> is the place you live. It doesn't exist for every city, but I think most major ones have it by now. It's like Kijiji, but better organized.

    *Ignore the link though, it doesn't bring you anywhere*
  4. Would have thought that there would not be many as you get the new PS3 slim for half price if you trade your old PS3 but then again maybe not everyone likes there PS3's.
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