[PC Gaming] Upgrades for Aion.

So I'm running an Intel core 2 duo E8400@3.0ghz, 3gb of ddr2 ram, 1333fsb mainboard and a pair of 9800gtx video cards (sometimes in SLI, sometimes just the one).

Playing Aion on 1680x1050 resolution I get between 40-100fps which I consider just fine. However whenever I get into towns I drop to about 20 fps in populated areas, and in castle sieges I drop to 8-10fps. I would prefer not to crank any of the settings down in game, and suspect I should be upgrading my processor and mainboard to compensate for the struggling system. I'm not overly concerned about price, and I'll probably stick with the 9800gtx cards and just upgrade the cpu and mainboard.

Would just upgrading the cpu and mainboard be wise, or should I be looking at upgrading the graphics cards also for this type of lag (caused by having tons of character models on screen at once). Or even should I hope they patch the game and I manage to see some performance increase in newer versions of the game/video drivers, seeing as I get really good fps running basically the rest of the game except sieges.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. It depends on if Aion supports more than dual cores. If not, there would be no point as you have one of the better dual cores available (though a slight overclock may help). If it does, then a quad would probably give you a good performance boost. If you GPUs are already your limiting factor, then new cpu/mobo would not help. And I am not sure that a pair of those would be strong enough to max out the game, as it looks rather graphically intensive. I don't know much about it, but my guess is that newer generations of video cards would perform better.

    If by lowering the settings in those situations (textures, AA/AF, shadows etc) and you see dramatic increases in framerates, then it is probably a GPU limitation.

    For that type of lag, a single 5850 1gb might be a good option (260USD), but if you are loyal to Sli, perhaps a pair of 260s (216) would do the trick (assuming Aion supports SLi, that I also do not know).
  2. oh bro " i think " its not our system cuz i have this good specs already but still having a problem on fps during fort raids only and when there's more players around. So best solution for me that works is to do "shift F12" to take off pc models around you which solves the problem on fps w/o turning down graphics setting.

    Intel Core i7 2.66 ghz
    6gig memory ram corsair
    ATI 4870 X2
    1000 watts psu
    windows 7
    16 meg cache HDD
    18mb internet connection
    coolmaster case with 5 fans "i think"

    So if its Video card issue i doubt it too bec. ATI 4870X2 is already on no. 2 spot in tom's hardware next to ATI 5970 in benchmarking so no use if i will upgrade to that which is 1 up only. Hope someone else will solve this freaking problem cuz i love playing AION..QQ
  3. i either feel like i get bottlenecked by the network or my HD sometimes in aion i have a 5870 and still sometimes pull crappy fps
  4. yep same , in a fort raid etc with loads of characters onscreen at once my 5850 slows to a crawl, F12 helps a lot tho :) and i turn down textures and shadows. Maybe X-fire 2 5870's? Not much you can do I reckon.
  5. i am going to xfire 2 5870s lol and get an ssd hopefully that works :/
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