p4 2.4c Mobo help

I decided on p4 2.4c ghz over 2500 barton, since you can overclock 2.4c to 3.0 easily(which is awesome considering 3.0 costs at least $300 and outperforms everything)

Now I need motherboard, I use computer mostly for surfing, gaming, and photoshop.

I need motherboard that performs good(the best), overclocks and is stable.

thanx for replies
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  1. look to abit or asus

    So easy to fry yet tastes so good...
    Silicon: The other, other, other white meat :evil:
  2. I just ordered the same config. I decided to go with an Abit IS7 board. I was choosing between that and the Asus P4P800. I think the Abit has more features and Abit boards are great for overclocking. the IS7 is just like the more expensive IC7-G except for a few things like the Gigibit land and it has 2 SATA ports instead of 4. but for only $108 you get the same performance and most of the features of the IC7-G. Asus boards are also great but I think they cost a bit much for what you get right now. but would recomend the Abit you just have to decide if you want to spend $108 or $188
  3. OK I am thinking of ASUS P4P800 Deluxe, $136 at newegg.com, what you guys think
  4. I was going to buy that Mobo. But I bought IS7 with P4 2.4c plus PC 3500 2x512 HyperX.
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