Buying Fan's, DDR2 Ram, Hard Drives and Optical Drives.

Title says it basically, was wondering if and of you fine young lads would have any laying around that you didnt need.

Im Looking to buy:
DDR2 Ram - Since im sure alot of you now use DDR3 i just dont have the money for it at the moment with another new motherboard.
A LGA775 CPU Fan -since the stock one that came with my Q8200 is rather ***
Any 120mm fans for my case
Sata Hard Drives or Optical Drives.
And maybe if anyone had a 3.5" Fan Control Unit?

Just thought id ask around before buying new from Pc case gear or ebay, Also please within Australia for quick and cheap postage.

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  1. Fan: Buy the Hyper 212+ on sale New on for $19.99 right now.

    DDR2: I have some 1GB sticks I can sell if you need them.
  2. Since i live in Australia isnt really the best for me but what Ram sticks do you have and are they 800Mhz?
  3. I'd prefer to hold onto my 800MHz sticks. I've got some 667MHz 1GB sticks that I'll mail to you for the cost of shipping if you reach the "Apprentice" status. They might do 800MHz though since my 533MHz stuff did 727MHz and my 800MHz did 960MHz.
  4. You've got your self a deal, i was hoping to get to that soon anyway, any 2gb sticks available?
  5. Sorry--I have access to a limited number of 2GB sticks and I'll be using them all. But I've got like ten 1GB DDR2 sticks from 400MHz to 800MHz.
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