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Ive recently installed windows 7 onto a crappy old laptop(which did come with vista), although its under-spec, windows 7 is massively easier driver wise. One thing that is a problem is the side jacks don't work, while the laptop speakers do, Ive noticed realtek HD sound manager is missing, ive tried downloading the latest one and reinstalling, but it simply does not work.

I have windows 7(exact same version) on my pc which also uses a realtek chip, the sound manager was automatically installed when windows 7 downloaded the driver. Im confused on why windows 7 did not do this with the laptop, and why the side jacks won't work when the speakers work fine, although incredibly tinnie (as standard with laptop speakers)

I know on my PC i had to disable a option(disable front jack detection) in the realtek sound manager for the front jacks to work, im assuming its the same problem. However without access to the realtek sound manager i can't test it.

Btw, when the speakers are plugged into the jack on the laptop, the speakers mute, however nothing comes from the speakers (yes the speakers are on, turned up, and working)

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  1. Realtek HD Sound Manager only works on a computer with a Realtek sound chipset; are you sure your laptop has that? E.g., my desktop has a Realtek sound chip, but my laptop has an IDT sound chip, and Realtek Sound manager works only on my desktop.
  2. Hmm, dunno, as the laptop is some Iqon piece of crap, and no matter if windows 7 installs the driver, or i manually install realtek, the front jacks don't work(side jacks in this case)

    I need a fix to this. Ill get the model number etc.

    model number;M66SE
    Brand on the laptop:IQon.

    Like i said though, the audio works fine through the speakers, but i just can't get the jack to work, and neither can windows 7.
  3. Yikes; I can't find much info on that laptop model. My best guess is that it contains the Realtek ALC260 audio chipset, which is supported under the current version of Realtek Sound Manager (2.51). I would try re-downloading the sound manager software installer and running it as an Administrator. Does that at least get the software installed?
  4. The realtek driver installed fine, however, the actual sound manager did NOT install, as when i checked the directory, it was not there.

    However, using google, i have discovered the laptop does not use realtek, however it uses Via's driver, it took some time to discover this, and thinking about it, i actually remember it having the HDeck program on. So i downloaded two via drivers, one that came with the laptop, and the latest one (the one that came with the laptop seemed weird as it was only 3.7meg (it was also for vista as the laptop came with vista) the newest was 38 meg in a zip, about 167 unzipped, which installed, however it made zero difference, and the hdeck wouldn't load)
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