[Coupon] Save $66! New Design Retro Digital Flip Page Gear Clock

Do you want to change the look of your room and add a vintage taste? The choice of luxurious classical colors will add a touch of precision to any room. This digital clock is sure to enhance your home or office. Digital clock is easy to read even from far. Its Exquisite design looks like a gear. When you clap the palm lightly around the product or tap the desk which putting the product on, or touch any position of the product, This desk clock will give you vintage decor. You will love this kind of style.

Merchandise Subtotal: US$ 100.39
Sales Tax: US$ 0.00
Estimated Shipping and Handling: US$ 0.00
Estimated Total: US$ 34.39
Coupon Code: SAVE66
Save: US$ 66.00
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This coupon will expire after 31 Jan, 2012.
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  1. I never imaged there are such tool that can flip pages automatically. Cool!
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