What PC Gamers Need To Know About Windows 7

Feature: What PC Gamers Need To Know About Windows 7


There's no doubt that PC gamers will want to make the upgrade to Windows 7 and we suspect that switch will happen pretty quickly compared to the movie from XP to Vista. While there will likely always be issues it's looking like the latest Windows entry will be a must have for PC gamers in the months ahead.

I think it was worth the wait i never got vista but i will get win7.
but till it works as good as XP i will use another hard drive to test it on. :heink:
As far as directx 11 i have read online that many more companies will jump onboard compared to dx 10 when it came out, its just a matter of waiting.
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  1. Been running Vista 64 since release, not 1 problem. Happily run all the games I have at max settings etc etc.

    Still going to go for Win7 although I'll be waiting a month or 2 after release till driver support is fully sorted out.
  2. Me too, have been using Vista since the release apart from a few teething issues initially, its been faultless. Also been using Win7 RC1 on spare HDD and thats worked perfectly with the apps and games I use. I have pre-ordered Win7.
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