Looking for a cheap start up pc

Hey I really need a pc for class, but I'm trying to build a gaming pc to play SW:TOR and bf3. Is anyone selling a cheap pc that I can upgrade down the line? I had a video card I can use.
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  1. Check craigslist or anandtech's for sale forum, as well as this one. Post your request at one or more of these sources.
  2. how much you looking to spend?

    I have Intel Core i5 2400 with 4GB ram and 500GB Hard drive 520 watt power supply and midtower case
  3. 300-400 then i want to upgrade later, I dont need a video card
  4. You can normally piece together better-performing systems if you buy your components separately & discerningly. Having said that, a good way to get started in the PC building scene is to buy a DIY (Do It Yourself) combo kit (often called a "barebones" system).

    Buy a SuperCombo from NewEgg:

    Another option that I just exercised for a friend: buy a Dell/eMachines/Compaq/whatever system on eBay. My friend is in Atlanta, GA. I just bought a suitable machine & had my friend pick it up, in order to save on shipping fees. An AMD x2, x3, x4, x6 or Intel i3, i5, i7 system with a PCI-Express x16 slot available is all you need.
  5. I have decided to sell my gaming computer as a whole. Not looking to part it out. The build is:

    AMD Phenom II X4 830 Quad Core CPU
    Asus M4A88TD-V EVO USB3.0 Motherboard
    2x500GB WD500AAKX 6.0GB/s Sata HDDs
    SilverStone SST-ST40F-ES 400 Watt Power Supply
    ASUS PC-N13 Wireless Network Adapter
    Sapphire Vapor X HD 5750
    4x2GB DDR3 1333 A-DATA RAM *all four slots used*
    Lian Li Black Mid Tower ATX Case. All Black with Blue LED 80mm Fan in front
    I dont remember the model number of the case.

    The machine comes with Windows 7 Pro 64 bit installed.

    If interested I can sell a logitech K120 Keyboard, G500 Gaming Mouse, and 20" ASUS VE208 monitor. I will not sell the monitor and mouse without selling the computer first as I will need them if the computer isn't sold. You can look me up on ebay. My ebay account is caraudioguy_1. I will gladly email any pics or answer any questions you have. My email address is

    $420 plus shipping for everything including monitor keyboard and mouse, or $320 + shipping for just the PC.
  6. That's a pretty solid cheap PC. It's not overly upgradeable, but it's a good build for the price as is.
  7. True. But those shellshocker specials usually include a 25% discount which is hard to beat. Some of them come with a hardrive. You have to check back daily to see what package newegg is offering.
  8. Check my thread out, maybe you'd like mine.
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