Can you run ibm cd rom on windows?

can you play computer cd rom games that say for IBM and compatables on windows?
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  1. Elaborate please? What is an IBM CD-ROM game?
  2. Herr_Koos said:
    Elaborate please? What is an IBM CD-ROM game?

    IT is a cd rom game for the computer that says for IBM and compatables written on the disk but there's nothing on it that says windows. I believe it was made in 1994.
  3. I see. Pardon me for asking the obvious, but have you tried it yet? Also:

    1) What are your current systems specs?
    2) What is the game called?
    3) What was the last computer you played it on?
  4. This is a VERY old game. I've not seen IBM Compatible as a requirement for a LONG time!

    If the game is 16bit and your running x64 edition of Windows, then no, it wont work natively. 16bit apps are still supported in 32bit editions of Windows though.

    I guess this is a DOS based game, your best bet is to try DOSBox (in 32bit or 64bit Windows). Copy all the files off the CD onto your hard drive and run them through DOSBox.

    Hope this helps.
  5. Not sure if this would help lol

    Maybe if you can get Windows 3.1 or 95 to work on your PC it could run?
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