ASUS P4PE Motherboard And WDC 250 GB SATA Drive

I have a ASUS P4PE Motherboard with a WDC 120 GB IDE Disk.

The Computer System is running Microsoft Windows XP Pro.

I just purchased a WDC 250 GB SATA Drive from NewEgg, but it only came as an OEM Drive without any Software or Manuals.

I want to know the best way to transfer the entire contents of the WDC 120 GB IDE Disk Drive to the new WDC 250 BG SATA Drive.

1. Can I use the "Ghost" Software to Ghost the entire contents of the 120 GB IDE Drive to the 250 GB SATA Drive?

2. Will I be able to boot up with a DOS Boot Floppy to use Ghost Software from its own Floppy, and will the Computer System be able to recognize the WDC 250 GB SATA Drive in DOS Mode?

3. Where is the best place to get the Software Device Drivers for the WDC 250 GB SATA Drive, since I purhased the WDC SATA Drive from Newegg as an OEM Drive with no Software?

Are the SATA Device Drivers from ASUS, Micorsoft, etc?

Thank You.


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  1. First thing I'd do is try to boot with that drive configured properly to see if BIOS can recognise it. Then I'd break it into at least 2 partitions with a max size of 127GB. Finally, you can copy your partition to one of the new partitions. MaxBlast Plus is free for download and works great for copying partitions under "advanced options".

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  2. heya Jonathan;

    The only reason you would want to Ghost the drive is if you want to move your OS and other programs that you are either too lazy to reinstall, or dont have the installation for. <veg>

    Other wise you can just install XP onto the SATA drive by pressing F-6 during the initial moments of XP setup and install the SATA drivers that are on the CD that came with your Mobo.

    Once XP is installed on the SATA drive then you can copy all the files from your other drive you want to save in the normal fashion through windows explorer.

    If it were me i would leave the OS on the PATA drive so that later when you get another 250GB SATA drive you can set up raid level 0 and wont have to redo the OS again, but thats just me.

    Oh and one more thing, dont forget to enable the SATA controller in your Bios, it is under the guise Of Onboard IDE device. Also dont forget to set your bios to boot the SATA drive First.

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