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Front Side Bus Explanaiton

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July 26, 2003 3:48:17 PM

I was wondering if someone could give me an explanation of Front Side Bus and Northwood and Southwood. Try to keep if fairly simple (just learning).



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July 27, 2003 2:17:23 AM

Northwood is a name for a CPU, there is no Southwood. So I'll assume you mean Northbridge and Southbridge.

The Northbridge contains the memory controller, AGP controller, and an a link to the southbridge. The southbridge contains the IDE controllers and PCI bus, allong with controllers for your ports (COM, USB, etc.).

The Front Side Bus used to refer to the "bus" between the CPU and RAM. But that's really 2 busses, the one from the CPU to the memory controller, and the one from the memory controller to the RAM. So now it refers to the bus from the CPU to the memory controller of the Northbridge.

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July 27, 2003 2:53:16 AM

The two buses that Crashman is talking about mean that, when you hear that the cpu is at 100 fsb as, let say, a Pentium 3 that run memory at 133 (PC133) memory bus.

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