k7sem??? support, help!

My friend has an Elitegroup Computer Systems K7SEM motherboard. And I need to know if his motherboard will support an AMD 2500+ Barton processor.

I believe it only supports a 266fsb speed, but I'm not sure
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  1. I believe in your believes and doubt 166MHz bus processors will run at full speed.

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  2. So my advice to him should be to get an AMB 2400+ with 266fsb and overclock that? Or would it be best to get the barton, and underclock the fsb and overclock the internal clock speed? They are both the same price, which will overclock the best?
  3. I doubt that you can overclock with that board. The 2400 running at stock speed will have to do, unless you go with a different board. Even if it has fsb adjustment, without voltage adjustments, it won't run as stable when overclocking.
  4. hmmm. So the 2500+ barton won't even function on this board? I guess that's what you get for not picking out the hardware yourself. Luckily I'm not that stupid.
  5. I very much doubt it.

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