MSI K7N2 Delta Problem

Hi, i recenty purchased a new computer and built it myself, i installed everything:
(AMD Barton 2800
Radeon 9800 128mB
Corsair XMS/Low Latency PC3200 400mhz 512MB
Western Digital 80Gig 8mb cache
Lite-On 52x24x52 CD-RW
Lite-On 52x Cd-Rom
MSI K7N2 Delta Mainboard
Windows XP Pro)
and i already had problems like blue screens doing memory dumps, random freezes in windows and bios random restarts.
so i took my comp into the shop for diganosis and they said my mobo was bad, so i got a new one and hooked it up, ran 3DMARK 2001SE and under system info it said i had a Duron Processor, when i have a AMD Athlon Barton 2800, and under device manager it said i had a normal AMD Athlon XP, and this confused me, is my motherboard not compatable with the AMD Athlon Barton? please someone help me
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  1. 3DMark 2001 was before the Barton came out, so it's not surprising it doesn't correctly recognize the Barton CPU, so don't worry about that. Same with device manager calling it an Athlon XP... The Barton is just too new.

    You can download the latest version of CPUID and it will show the correct information and the 512 L2 Cache.

    Your motherboard is fully compatible with the Barton. Does the new board work OK now?

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  2. It Sort of works alright now, but im still getting errors out of no where, i downloaded all the drivers, just re-installed windows xp last night and since then ive had no errors but it still worries me, this computer is brand new and everything is pretty close to top of the line, and i just ran 3dmark 2001Se all night last night with no problems so maybe it was a software issue or something
  3. Well... give it some time and see how stable it is. You should tolerate no errors on a rig like that. I run one of these K7N2-L boards with an overclocked XP2100+ 24/7 under 100% load (UD Distributed Computing project) on Windows XP Pro and it never crashes.

    What kind of power supply do you have? If it's a cheap one, that can cause stability problems like this.

    Another thing I would advise you to do is go through the BIOS and make sure all the settings are how you want them, particularly on the memory. You have good stuff, and these settings can optimize performance as well as stability. If I'm having random problems on a computer, I will go in and de-tune things to see if it helps. By going through a process of elimination, you can usually come to the right conclusion of what's causing the problem.

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