Cod4 punkbuster issues

I have a problem with PB (i think so :) ) here is the thing...a installed Call of Duty 4 and all the patches to the last one 1.7....and now when want to play on x fire I choose one of the servers and the map is loading and everything and when I'm in the game already to chose the team i get kicked and Error comes out and it's saying qoute ''Volvoks PunkBuster permanent ban issued on this Game server for player ''Volvoks''...GLOBAL Punk Buster GUID BAN Oba9f68a....'' and that's on the every F****** server on x fire :fou: :fou: :fou:

pls help thank you
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  1. Tisk tisk, you should not have been a naughty boy then.

    If you genuinely have not been cheating and can prove that fact then you will need to contact the server’s administrators to get yourself un-permabanned. Or you could always buy a new game so your game ID changes.
  2. i don't have cheat ok?!?!?!my friend told me that either i have wallhack or something else because i can't get bann just like that...but i swear i DON'T HAVE CHEAT!!!! :(
  3. If someone else uses your PC then maybe they have installed a cheat on your game?

    I don't want to be held responsible for any violence you induce on anyone that you have deemed to have been using your PC with cheats.

    But at any rate talk to the server admins and make them believe you, it would be a cheat to cheat the anti-cheat system, so we cant help you more than this.
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