Hi Everyone,

I Have an AMD Dual Cpu Motherboard "Gigabyte GA-7DPXDW-P Dual MP w/ LAN Socket A Motherboard +
2 AMD Athlon Palomino MP 1000Mhz 266mhz FSB Socket A CPU's"
And it has a built in Promise Dual ATA-133 Channels with IDE RAID 0,1, "Promise® PDC 20276 RAID Controller"

I have 2x Maxtor 60Gb 7200 ATA 133 Hard disks. When i use these hard disks in a normal configuration and i run a benchmark on SISOFT SANDRA 3MAX, i get the following score:
When i configure both Hard disks to run in raid for performance (Raid 0) and i run the benchmark i should get twice the score i was having in single configuration mode, BUT I am getting this score:
Wich means my hdd's are runing fatser as single harddisks instead of twice the speed.
Any one knows why ???
Thank you,
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  1. i personally do not use the sandra hard drive bench much...but if it is dealing with small file size raid will not really "shine" raid is normally best transfering large files...

    I have heard that putting the hard drive jumper to CSL increases the raid performance...i suppose that is worth a try...make sure you have the latest drivers and latest bios.
    Other than that i must say i have lost trust in sandra benchmarks...the only ones i get repeatable results in are the cpu benchies...nothing else...

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