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It hasn't been long now and i had made a WCS Server for Css (Warcraft Server on Counterstrike Source). I had successfully made it to work and get it up running and all but theres is one little problem which is that, once there are 3 people in the server if another one joins the people that are on it at the moment there pings rise to like 1000ms (ping~Latency).
So the only way i fix it is to kick the person from joining. Some of the things i believe that is causing the problem is either my internet or something else with the server. If anyone can help me please! :cry:
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  1. This problem is caused by your server is not powerful enough to handle or your internet connection is too slow enough to handle your players. Happened to me when I started new RTCW server and 1 people died on it and whole server crashed. But your server is lagging so it's highly likely to be your connection.
    As it's unfixable unless you pay more to ISP.
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