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will any ethernet cable work in the xbox 360 for system link or not? if not where can i buy the xbox 360 system link cable from?
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  1. not 100% sure here but I believe you need an ethernet crossover cable anyone will do, but if your are connecting the two xbox's to a router for system link then normal ethernet cables will do.
  2. From one Xbox 360 directly to another Xbox 360 you can use either a ethernet patch cable or a ethernet crossover cable. Xbox 360 has cable sensing technology and can use either one.

    For hooking each Xbox 360 into a hub/switch/router, you can always use a ethernet patch cable, although some hubs/switches/routers also have cable sense and you can use a crossover cable if needed.

    Also if both Xbox 360 have the wireless adapters you can connect them temporarily straight together with an AD-HOC wireless connection.
  3. Can you use a standard regular ethernet cable?
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