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I have followed directions for the split screen...nothing works...both docs minimize and go to one side of the screen or the other. The split screen worked beautifully last week but today - nothing works!!
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  1. Hi Sharonshafran - Urg. That would drive me crazy! I rely on using the Snap feature (split screen) all the time. Are you dragging each windows over far enough to the edge of the screen? Have you tried simply closing out of everything, restarting your computer (it's amazing what this can fix), and trying again?

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  2. Thanks for replying - I am now relying on the snap feature...they don't quite snap, in that I still have to toggle from time to time. It's workable, but not perfect. Oddly, I had success with the split screen as described in Windows 7, but only one time. Since then, nuisance.

  3. Hi Sharon - Snap may not work with some programs that have custom window behaviors. Since you said Snap worked beautifully last week but is not working now, I wonder you have made any changes to your computer in the past week that are now effecting Snap. What two windows are you trying to Snap?

    Just to make sure, are you following these Snap instructions?http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Arrange-windows-side-by-side-on-the-desktop-using-Snap

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