Does anyone remember an old puzzle game?

Strange question for a strange game.

I played this game back when I was a kid, so I assume it came out before my time. It was... what appeared to be an 8-bit, perhaps 16-bit puzzle/adventure game which involved a little boy who traversed many different hazardous planes and obstacles, some of which were giant rivers of lava, paramecium and bombs. There were also many block-pushing puzzles which required both timing and precision, all the while avoiding the spiders or paramecium that might be coming to eat or kill you. I simply remember the paramecium being the most significantly strange entity in the game. Another quick thing I remember, you could also find and equip certain pieces of gear, like certain boots which would let you go through water and gloves that would let you pick up flaming objects. Farther than that, I don't remember any more details. I do remember there being several levels, somewhere around a hundred if I recall; perhaps more. I remember playing this around the same time I played Ski-Free, Doom and Wolfenstein, so perhaps that would give some sort of time frame. This was probably during the early '90s.

Any extra memories that escape me now would also be appreciated; I'm merely trying to find this game again. Thanks!
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  1. Aha! Apparently my googling skills have improved!

    Through many searches, I have determined the game I was searching for was "Chip's Challenge".

    Information about the game can be found on Wikipedia:
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