Anybody help please?

I have a IBM/Cyrix M2 P333MX with TX mother boardd,32MbDSRAm,3.2GB UDMA HDwith 1.4Mb onboard graphics,14in SVGA with WIN 95 inc plus Ability Paint 2000( inc I understand a USB port)I want to buy a basic
(cheap) digital camera to be able to upload therefrom via USB so I can use the pictures on line ie in my website and to send family pictures to and fro via email etc.
Is this possible with this existing configuration assuming the camera will work with Win 95?
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  1. You should buy a usb card that will fit into a pci slot the going price is about £20.Apart from that you should have no problems.If you intend to do picture manipulation you realy
    should get more memory it will help a lot.I have a P233 computer with a web cam and a digital camera conected and have no problems.
  2. Did you notice how old that post was?

    :smile: <b><font color=green> I took an I.Q. test today...It came back negative.</font color=green></b> :smile:
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