what is the fartest car in the world
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  1. Might want to narrow this down some. Fastest production car? Fastest wheeled vehicle on salt flats? 4 wheels?

    I know its not correct to link a wiki, but it jives with something I was reading the other day. Bugatti had to rework the Veyron because someone else had a faster top speed. The new one has a top speed of ~268MPH, and is considered the fastest road legal production car.
  2. @474545b » Nor "someone else" : The SSC Ultimate Aero, an American-built mid-engine supercar by Shelby SuperCars!

    Anyway, these cars are not the "fastest", they are just the ones with the highest top speed. I don't see them beating many cars on a narrow, slippery, wiggly, mountain road.
  3. Interesting, but the second sentence in your link reads,

    The higher-performance limited production version, the SSC Ultimate Aero TT, is the second fastest production car in the world (behind the 2010 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport),[1] with a recorded speed of 412.28 km/h (256.18 mph).

    I believe I already linked the page on the Bugatti Vevron.

    And LOL, I just read his post again, slower this time. I'm not sure there is a "fartest" car.
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