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I wasn't sure about a good place to post this since I'm not actually building this for business computing, but I felt the theme would apply. I have a photoshop/gaming rig in an ATX tower (holding a slew of hard drives) and I'm moving into an apartment where I would like the ability to roll the whole unit out of my office and into the living room so I can monitor my work while doing other things. I've searched online, but am having trouble finding a CPU cart that looks stable, can also have a monitor strapped to the top, and isn't a giant piece of dorm furniture. Does anyone have any recommendations?
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  1. How about this

    or this

    or even this

    But wait..... found it......
    the exact solution you have surely been looking for
  2. I found those pole systems right after making this post and they're exactly what I'm looking for, but about three times my budget. It's a shame medical supply companies charge so much, but I guess that's to be expected. Have you seen anything similar to the Cuzzi in a slightly shorter form factor? I've only found ones that are 60" tall, and nothing below around $550.
    That backpack would be the one, except I don't have a UPS to make it truly mobile. Also, trying to keep duct tape out of it.
  3. Get a cheap $20 microwave cart at Walmart or Ikea if you want a stylish one.
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