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i am new to this site so let me say hello.I have question ,i just up-dated to win 7 and now my invidia gt9800 will not work in sli mode.i never had any problems with them before but now i cant even get the invidia monitor to see there anyone that can help me
thank you
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    Welcome to Tom's Hardware! Have you installed the latest drivers? If the system won't display anything with the two cards, only insert one and use that to update the drivers. Then insert the second card and turn on SLI.
  2. Good advice; you need to download the latest Nvidia drivers for Windows 7.
  3. thanks for the help problem solved it was the drivers.I didn't know that the update of win 7 would do that to all drivers.

    Thanks again
  4. Yes, drivers are often sensitive to OS upgrades because the drivers and the OS interact on such a fundamental level. Glad your problem is solved!
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