AoE2 wont Start

I'm not very good with computers. I recently bought Age of Empires 2 from ebay, and on the cover it says it doesn't work with vista... Yet i've seen people playing it on vista... I've looked around on google for at least 2 hours on how to fix it, yet no solutions work...

After installation, i open it and i always get this "'Could not initalize
graphics system. Make sure your video card and driver are compatible with
DirectDraw." ... How can i fix it!?

I don't know anyone else with the exact same problem, just simillarities.

My Specs are:
OS: Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
CPU/Ram: 2.001 GHz / 2045 MB
Product: Toshiba / Satellite a200
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  1. go to Start>Run
    type dxdiag

    Click the Display tab.
    Click the 'Test DirectDraw' button

    See if there is a problem at this level first...
  2. No problems detected. xD
  3. I suggest you play around with the Compatibility Mode settings (not sure what they call it in Vista). It's a built-in feature that changes some settings to run older software. I managed to get a few older games working under XP this way.
  4. Tried all of that sort of crap. =/ Most other simmilar problems are slved by Dloadin drivers and crap but i can't find any!'
  5. Run as Administrator? (clutching at proverbial straws)
  6. Same thing. /cry
  7. Last suggestion: Upgrade to 7!
  8. Wut's 7? lol .... I'm a nub dude.
  9. trav1992 said:
    Wut's 7? lol .... I'm a nub dude.

    Windows 7. You must have heard of it by now, noob or not....
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