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I'm trying to setup a computer for my grandfather using my old computer (an athlon 1500+ 256meg ram machine). I'm using the hardrives from his old windows 98 box which are each 6 GB. I am able to start the windows XP setup from cdrom but everytime it gets to "Setup is Starting Windows" it ends up halting with a stop error. I looked up the error code and it is the one for "Inaccessible Boot Device". It does this with both of the hard drives. I know both of the hard drives were good yesterday and i highly doubt both would have failed today. I ran ran fdisk on one and removed all partitions then created 1 primary dos partition and formatted it. still getting the same error. Would there be a bios setting that is causing this? Any other idea?

Thanks a lot

Edit: Sorry, windows xp setup (tried both home and pro). Both hard drives are western digital and appear to detect in the bios but i just read an old post about perhaps the "single mode" jumper? I believe I have it set to single mode, is this really different from Master? In any event I am able to repartition/format the drive so does that eliminate the jumper as a suspect? Thanks
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  1. what OS are you trying to install?

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  2. Well this could be a mobo issue also... I would do all bios updates for ya grandpas pc... Reason I think this is becuase it happends with 2 HDDs.. the chances of 2 HDDs being defective are possible.. but... also not too possible.. heheh also check out

    You may have already found that!

    Hope this helps

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