Looking for an affordable used vcard(~8800gt or better...)


So yeah. Looking to buy a used, properly working 8800gt/9800gt/gts250 or thereabouts(Or better, betters cool. XD...). I don't mind if its been lightly abused, mostly just looking for something to stay me over to the HD7870/HD7850 release and my ol 8800gt 512MB from galaxy kicked the bucket a few weeks short of being replaced anyway. :sweat:
That said, I understandably am not looking to spend much since I want to shove money at upgrading not stagnating :sol: ... Though I will probably keep using whatever card I get as a Physx card and second display card. (Got a spare 16x slot that runs at 4x, so lol. And yes, a PSU that can handle said unless I score one hell of a gpu from someone XD...)
Lower power use in my performance ballpark also would be desirable. Since this will eventually be a secondary card that sees lighter use. <.< Though yeah. I know the G92(8800gt/9800gt/gts250) ain't exactly... light on the power draw. Mmm. Maybe a GT440 if anyone has one they'd let go of cheap? ;3 I dunno.

Oh. I do actually have a spare GPU cooler if someone has a card they haven't been able to get rid of because its heatsink split ways with it, but works fine. Its an Accelero S1 with the second revision bracket (Just gotta fish up some M2 sqrews for it... Hah. Thats not too hard tho.).

I'm in the Downtown San Jose area btw. So bonus if it doesn't need to be shipped XD... Tho no I don't have a car. Student budgets an all that.

Umm. Yeah. :hello:
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  1. What happened to your old 8800GT? I bet you could bake it to fix it.

    This guy's got a "quirky" GTX 285 for $50:
  2. I have an EVGA 9500GT 1GB for $45 shipped. Let me know if you want it.
  3. i have gtx 460 768mb if ure interested what you looking to spend
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