MY cod4 FPS drops suddenly then rises back up every few seconds

Hey guys please tell me why this is happening a cyber cafe i play at has the same graphics card as me yet it manages to have an extremely smoothe game

MY specs are:
Intel Core2Duo E6300 1.86ghz
Intel D946GZIS mobo
Nvidia 9800GT 512MB DDR3 (PAlit)
1024mb ram (Transcend)
Powersupply is 400W

I can run the game at all setting max and on all resolutions max on my graphics card is 1280x1024.I run my game on max setting at the highest resolution and i get a good FPS rating from 90-125 but yet even when theres no action going on and im just running in the map my FPS will drop from 125 down to 2-15 fps and then again in a second or 2 rises back to 125 also when the fps drops like this my cg/ms frame goes from 8.0 to 300 or more ! even when i first load the map my fps is 3-4 fps then it rises back up after a while.
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  1. please reply quick
  2. Please some 1 help me out here i need help please
  3. That's Hardware or/and driver problem, NEXT.
  4. Probably because of only having 1GB of RAM; you're probably running out of space, and Windows needs to find room to put the new data. This is made worse by having a weak Core 2 CPU, which slows this process even farther.

    More RAM should help.
  5. 1.86Ghz = Fail

    1GB RAM = Fail

    9800GT = Fail if you plan on maxing out all settings

    lower your video settings if you want smoother gameplay....
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