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So the one I have now is a POS this i7 740 and 425m aren't cutting it. Along with that it overheats and craps out on games it SHOULD be able to play even on low settings. So........ if any of you have a used laptop I can buy for around 1000 preferably less that would be amazing. I'd rather not get a laptop and just build my own desktop, but considering my current situation I just can't carry a desktop around with me.
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  1. well if you needed a desktop $1000 would do it. monitor and all

    Intel Core I5 2500k Clocked at 4.5 Ghz Watercooled
    8GB DDr3 1333 RAM
    2 gtx 560ti in sli
    corsait 600t
    corsair 750 watt power supply
    aadat 120GB ssd

    22" 1680x1050 monitor
  2. If nobody post with a laptop I can buy I'll probably contact you if you haven't already sold it. I think I'm about get settled pretty soon so I might actually be able to get a desktop.
  3. good my email address is and number is 601-695-2661
  4. I'm sending OP a PM.
  5. Just shot you another PM, about my laptop.
  6. Hey! I also have a desktop for sale... Its not as strong as the one in the top, but its cheaper.

    Athlon II X3 445 @ 4 Ghz at least
    Coolit ECO WaterCooling System
    Asus M5A87 Motherboard
    8 GB Mushkin Enhanced 1333 Mhz DDR3
    HD6790 1 GB GDDR5
    Mushkin Enhanced Volta 500 Watt PSU
    WD Blue SATA-600 500 GB HDD 7200 RPM
    NZXT Gamma Case
    Windows 7 64bit Ultimate Preinstalled.
    Asus DVD-Burner
    Extra Case Fans etc.

    Send me a mail on if you are interested. Much cheaper than the other one, if you looking for a Desktop instead.

    Thinking 450-500 dollars plus shipping or free pickup ofc :)
  7. Found one ?
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