CryTek shocase CryEngine2, that will run on $600 Machines!

... This was announced Jan 2008. What ever happened to this "theory" that Crysis can run maxed out on a $600 PC (O, and that price includes a keyboard and mouse says Crytek :D)

Apparently, Crytek got so ticked off that people where complaining that there $1000's of dollar PC's couldn't play it right, they wanted to set the record straight by showing how $600 could build you a PC that can play it maxed out. (with keyboard & mouse... Haha :D) Don't forget, that $600 figure was announced late 2007.

Google was not useful in helping me find it. Just a bunch of people announcing that it was going to happen.

So where the hell or what the hell happen to this mystery build?
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  1. Anyone?
  2. I have a copy of it, it had like a pentium dual core 2.8 i believe... an 8600gt.. It's in the PC gamers mag.. Lol
  3. Howevers comes out Crytek, computer will never run it once it is released.
  4. the only reason crysis 1 was so hard on hardware is that the original cryengine was never designed to be used for gaming,it was intended for 3d architectural renderings to be used with high level workstation cards,and as a fact a high end gaming card doesn hold a candle to a high end workstation card on pure output capacity
  5. stevensl2 said:
    I have a copy of it, it had like a pentium dual core 2.8 i believe... an 8600gt.. It's in the PC gamers mag.. Lol

    O O O!! Can you copy it for me, the article? I was hoping they made a video out of it or somthing. Do you still got it?
  6. Crysis was done because the dev wanted to make a game that had alot of things within it, just once. He succeeded. He didnt want to cow-tow to limitations, and this is what we got, a game thats still bringing the best to a compromise
  7. Yup, agreed. Yet, they (in my opinion) picked the worst scenerio to create. I personally gave up 4-5 missions later. I couldn't bare it anymore :)

    My guess is, that intill the next gen GPU's come out (beyond GTX295's and i7's) then just MAYBE then will it be able to play maxed out beyond 70FPS.

    Just my 2 cents.
  8. I found it...

    For those who do not want to click on the link , we are looking at 2.66 GHz E7300 and a 9800 GT.
  9. Is that the original? how about for the original Crysis? The whole 600 bucks thing. Now it suddenly shot upto 700 :)
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