Blue Screen of death--Crysis Help!!!

Please Help me! Whenever i play Crysis it crashes within 10-15 of playing. Blue Screen of death appears with this error Nv4_disp.dll. This is the only game that this error occurs. Their is also a weird black bar that appears on the left side of the screen that scrolls down continuously for about 30 seconds until it crashes. Any suggestions would be great.

Intel Core 2 duo E8400
Asus Mobo
Nvidia Geforce 8800gtXXX
4 GB DDr2 800 mghz RAM
Windows XP
Corsair 650W PSU
250 GB HDD

I also have the latest driver for my card.

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  1. Download EVGA Precision and lower the clock speeds on your card. I think the xxx was one of their over clocked cards. Crysis is hard on graphics and the card might not be able to handle it........... heat.
  2. Well its made by XFX. Game runs fine. I just turn the fan on and it keeps pretty cool. So i'm sure its not heat.
  3. Did you get the tool and under clock the card ? Bad memory on that over clocked card can cause problems for you. And don't under estimate the heat. XFX also had problems with some of their 9600's.
  4. Figured out it was just some bad .dll file on my hdd. Did a Fresh install no more errors.
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