WTB: AM2+ mobo that supports sli

I am looking for a mobo that uses ddr2 memory, but can run my PhII 925, that also can run sli. An extra requirement would be to have an optical spdif out. Looking to spend about $50-$60.

I have been browsing ebay some and have found boards like the Asus Crosshair II Formula, ASUS M4N72-E. Mostly The 750 sli and 780 sli chipsets, except for MSI's as they all seem to lack the optical out.

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  1. I would use this 3b tech spdif adapter with an asus board:
    This foxconn board is also a good choice with crossfire support; it's brand new:
  2. I don't believe the 790GX chipset supports SLI. I already have a GTX 260 and am hoping to get an SLI capable board so I can buy another.
  3. But your asus boards from ebay are mostly used. I would rather build a system around a brand new board than used.
  4. Well the reasoning is that I may have killed my current asus m4a785-m and am looking for a cheap replacement. I am planning on building a brand new intel rig in april or may after the Ivy Bridge cpus drop.
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