$1000 Gaming Rig

I was just wandering if I could get a good gaming rig for under or equal to $1000,
I'd prefer an AMD processer and a Nvidia GTX 560. Thanks :)
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  3. If you are looking to build a great gaming build for under $1000 that is AMD, I definitely have the bare bones of the system to get you up and going. You will need to purchase a CPU, GX Card, and PSU, but I have the perfect OC AM3 Motherboard, 8GB RAM, DVD Burner, two Sata 6.0GB/s 500GB hdd *stripe them for high speeds*, Asus wireless NIC with external antennas, a Lian Li case, Logitech G500 Gaming mouse, and 20" Asus monitor. If you spend the money on this, you will be able to save and buy the best gaming cpu and gpu for the money. Let me know if you are interested!
  4. I posted info about building in your other thread.
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