Mouse wont work on desk top

i bought a new keyboard and mouse for my desk top but mouse won't work i cannot use my desk top, have tried all my old mice but they don;t work either....whats wrong
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  1. has a mouse ever worked on your desktop?
  2. yes i have never had any trouble before with any mouse i used
  3. did the new mouse come with drivers, so that you had to install the drivers to get the new mouse to work? or was the new mouse just simple plug into the usb port?
  4. no none of the mice had drivers
  5. well I hope you have got this sorted by now.
  6. If it's not wireless, then plug that SOB in!
  7. daviduk109 said:
    well I hope you have got this sorted by now.

    no i have got it sorted yet, do not know what to do
  8. Is mouse USB or PS/2
  9. it is wireless, with a usb stick
  10. Try plugging the usb stick into a different usb port. Also, replace the batteries in the mouse and make sure they are installed properly.

    Additionally, some wireless usb mice require you to have to "connect" with the usb stick via a little button on the bottom of the mouse.

    Lastly verify the power to the mouse is "on", you probably have button for that on the bottom of your mouse as well.
  11. Turn it on.If that don`t help go to bios and in integrated peripherals select usb.
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