Upgrade 2000Pro to XPpro w/out password?

I was given an old business computer with Win2000 Pro, but I don't know the Windows password so can't use it. Microsoft.com says 2000Pro is upgradeable to XPpro, but can I upgrade it to XPpro without the password (thereby bypassing the password requirement), and without the 2000Pro software disk? I don't care if it wipes everything off of the HD. (I hope it does.) I can get XPpro upgrade edition cheap as a student. It is a Dell PIII 866, so is worth fixing for my dad as an Internet & email machine if this will work. Thanks much for your help!
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  1. As long as you don't care about the drive contents, you should have no troubles at all. Simply boot from the XP CD and reformat the drive when it asks if you want to.

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  2. Thanks, peartree, I'll try it!
  3. Tht comp might be a little slow to handle XP nicely...If you search, you can find a bootable CD that will allow you to reset the administrator password, and you can keep that copy of 2000.

    otherwise, yeah, upgrading is not a problem, you don't need to know the password.

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