PC only plays 3d games once

Recently my PC started crashing the second time I try to play a game.

Meaning, on a clean boot I can play indefinitely until I exit the game and when I run it again, the PC either freezes or the game just crashes returning errors I can't track down
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  1. After more testing, it gets very flaky after being up a while. It doesn't shut down if it's up for too long or after heavy use, internet browsers start crashing...

    Any ideas at all? I'm guessing it's time to re-install windows, but I really hope there's some other fix.
  2. Post some system specs, please. It sounds to me like you may be running low on RAM, which will cause the system to start swap-filing after a while and will bring the whole thing to a grinding halt.

    Either that, or you have a bloated Windows, as you mentioned, or possibly malware problems.
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