Dual channel don't works under windows.


I have a motherboard ABIT model NF7-S V 2.0, Bios v6.00PG V1.6 (06/25/03), nforce2 drivers version 2.03 (downloaded from Nvidia's website), 2 memory modules DDR 400 (PC3200) Kingston model KVR400X64C3A/256 (unbuffered, non-ECC), installeds at DIMM 3 and DIMM 2 sockets, FSB 400 MHz, OS Windows XP SP1 updated until 07/23/03 with all fixes availables (criticals and recommendeds) on Windows Update.

I have installed nforce2 drivers just I have finished install all windows' updates.

The problem: When I turn my computer on, I see the message while the POST: "dual channel enabled", but, under Windows, the software Sandra Max 3 shows for RAM Bandwidth:

RAM Bandwidth INT BUF aEMX/aSSE: 2862 MBytes/s
RAM Bandwidth FLOAT BUF aMMX/aSSE 2657 MBytes/s

I think these values are suitables for single channel, not for dual channel.

I need to know:

Do dual channel works under Windows?

If it works, how can I get the proper RAM bandwidth (> 3500 MBytes/s) with this motherboard under Windows?

Thanks for your attention.

Nilson F. de Oliveira
São Paulo - SP - Brasil
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  1. well although nvidia would like you to think your ram bandwith will be twice as much that is NOT the case...in fact the only thing dual channel can actually do to help performance is reduce memory bus latency...

    The reason that you are getting these scores is because the athlon xp's max memory bandwith is 3200mb/s @ 200mhz (sdr) fsb...so what does extra mem bandwith do to help if the chip cannot take advantige of it...NOTHING

    3 386DX-25's...12 volts...glue some ln2 and a wicked amount of overclocking and you get a willamantee minus 36 pins, 33.75 million transistors and a couple hundred mhz... :cool:
  2. - Dual DDR is in effect in your case.

    - The doubling of memory bandwidth as a result of Dual DDR often found in nForce2 docs is only theorical.

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