best bios setting for P4C800 deluxe

Hello to all and thank you fro the help in advance.
Well, This is my first do it yourself project. And I have not see alot of the bios settings before. And I just put a backup Ide HD in the jumper is set to slave send in the bios I set secondery ide settings to auto the bios saw my HD saved and exited but during reboot sreen said cannot find nrd some or other hit ctrl-alt-delete to restart but secondary setting to not installed I got to windows this time and my computer shows back up drive. Are those settings correct. My primary drives are in a raid 0 sata. I am aslo would like to learn more about the following settings in bios
chipset settings
Jumperfree config
cpu config/cpuid max. value limit
pcipnp settings
usb config
speech config
primary ide master settings
ide config
power page settings
apm config
hardware monitor
boot setting config
Hopefully someone knows of an article for the best settings {p4c800} 3200xml 2x512 sticks. Thanks again for any help you throw my way. OH I am running XP pro
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  1. If the drive is indeed backing up everything then the settings should be fine...if not they need some tweakin'

    Ok...i don't own the board but i will cover some generic ones...

    Jumper free config i assume is asus's bios overclocking option...that could be a whole other p4 overclocking guide for overclocking info

    pnpPci...if you are having no device conflicts then leave this sets IRQ's for devices...

    Usb config...unless you have a rare legacy usb device that is incompatable with a 2.0 port...leave this selection to usb 2.0 and enable legacy support (if thats an option)

    Speech config...i beleive that this is asus's bios troubleshooting software that tells you the bootup status over a speaker connected to the analog out of your board...don't enable this unless you have a hardware problem...

    Primary ide master...i really don't know what there is to setup...i just leave all of that stuff in auto...and only dissable the autodetect of the channels i don't use...

    Hardware monitor...again there is not much to setup...i would set the warning temp to about 65c and the shutdown temp to 80c

    Boot setting config...well if you can try to make the order floppy-atapi-Hard disk

    Thats about all i can answer...

    3 386DX-25's...12 volts...glue some ln2 and a wicked amount of overclocking and you get a willamantee minus 36 pins, 33.75 million transistors and a couple hundred mhz... :cool:
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