Win7 internet connection problems using cable internet

hi! i just bought a gateway laptop and came w/ win7 ultimate.. so i try to connect it to the internet but no luck, i already installed the driver (even updated it thru wifi) but my cable connection isn't working. i've tried troubleshooter and it says ip address invalid.. when i checked the sent its 1, 4++ but my laptop doesn't receive anything.. i already search the net for quick fix(bonjour, id string, installed the driver from win7 stock driver, disable/enable, ip flush)please help before i switch to xp..

my internet connection works in xp
drivers are all updated
OS updated(win7 ultimate)
im using dsl cable connection)
laptop gateway nv49c

please tell me if you need more info..and help me! thanks guys! :D
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  1. I'd suggest running the networking troubleshooter -

    - Jake

    Windows Outreach Team
  2. Are you connected directly to the modem or through a router?

    From your post, the wirless connection works, but the wired does not correct? If you check Device Manager, any errors in there?

    Click on the Start button, in the search field type in cmd, hit enter. In the DOS window that comes up, type in "ipconfig /all". You should see the IP address for all of your network adapters, post what you get from that.
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