A7N8X verify USB 2.0

just bought a USB 2.0 scanner , when I connect it , it indicated that it wasn't using a "high Speed " port and sugested an alternative which was the Main Hub ?
I tried full format , XP Pro , SP1 and all other updates
nVidia 2.45 drivers ,video , etc. in that order
also tried , XP pro , the CD that came with it has the QFE fix for USB 2.0 , so installed CD version drivers , SP1 & updates , Video , ETc.
Same thing , that Scanner isn't using USB 2.0
anyone else using a USB 2.0 device with A7N8X 2.0 and Win XP ??? Help
How you you check / verify the ports are USB 2.0
all 6 work fine ,2.0 enabled in BIOS , device man. says fine , but indicates 5.16 2600 microsoft drivers for all USB stuff
I dont have another USB 2.0 device to check with ?
tried AIDA 32 , Sandra , they couldn't tell
Once again all devices work fine but I dont know how to check the ports for USB 2.0
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  1. Have you tried to uninstall the driver of your scanner? Last time when I use my USB2.0 CDRW I have similar problem, then I went to uninstall the CDRW driver in device manager and reinstall the hardware again and it works.

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  2. Thanks , The device is working correctly , except for the warning when 1st installed . I just re-installed the scanner again and no warning message , thanks
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