WTB newer pc parts gpu 560 or 560ti-cpu i5 2500k maybee a1100T w board

looking to build a decent used parts pc with tax money on my debt card(wifes and mine in her name and yes i have pay pal)
let me kow what u have as im not trying to spend a ton but i need to build it soon before she spends all the money on clothes and junk lol and before tera is out out

-looking for 560 or 560 ti gpu maybee a lower one will consider want to be playing tera when its out and guild wars 2 in good graphics
-looking bor a cpu and motherboard combo basically either i5 2500k or i7 2600k
-will consider a 1100T amd black edition cpu and board
-maybee a phenom 2x4 if dirt cheap cuzz i dont really want one of those since there prety much getting outdated
-cheap 1T hd
-cheap nice case maybee places for lots of fans
-8gigs of ram unshure untill i find a board and cpu though

please help me was hard enough getting my wife to let me spend money on computer stuff as it is
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  1. I have a Radeon 4870 video card that i will part with for $75.00 shipped, I also have a Powercolor Radeon 6950 1GB version that i will part with for $210.00 shipped. The 6950 is equivalent to a GTX 560Ti, look up benchmarks for proof of performance for the 6950. They usually go for about $250-ish.

    The 4870 comes with the original box and cables, the 6950 comes with just the 4-pin to 6-pin PCI-E converter and an anti-static sleeve.
  2. I have a Geforce 560 ti 1GB card that I can part with for $195. It's a Gigabyte 560 ti that is clocked to 900 MHz, up from stock 822. PM me if you're interested.

    This card has been lightly used and is in like new condition with box, manual, driver disk, molex-to-PCIe power lead, and mini HDMI to HDMI cable (6 feet long).
  3. ty all but decided to just build a pc with a i5 2500k and a 560 ti brand new seems all the prices were not much cheaper than a brand new one thanks
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