Windows Crash Errors?

I recently attempted to install service pack 1 for win XP pro, and while it was finishing up, I received several program errors and pop up winows wanting to send an error report. It read, "sp1 express encountered an error and needs to close" . I now get the error "WMI has encountered a problem and needs to close" . If I leave my computer on overnight, i'll sometimes have 20 of these error windows open. I tried searching google and microsoft, but to no real avail. I'm running:

Asus a7n8x deluxe, newest bios, version 1
xp 1800 --> 2000+
512 pc2400
msi ti4200
(2) WD Special Edition 80gb
52x32x52 Lite On
Antec True430

Any suggestions on how to fix, or even what this is and what it does?
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  1. if you say loads of these errors appear all by themselves, sounds like some dodgy background program/service is trying to do something. Try looking in task manager and see what's running.

    also check there's nothing dodgy in Startup, by running <b>msconfig</b> from START->RUN, click the <b>startup</b> tab, and see what's there.

    Failing everything, use system restore and go back to a restore point prior to installation of SP1...

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
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