Horizonal ghosts and then computer fries

Strange problem:
after some heavy work (lets say, 15m of Unreal Tournament 2003), or long operating time, I start to see horizonal "ghosts" on my display. they get stronger and stronger - and if I dont shut it down immediatly - the computer fries.
this happend couple of times before, also with another mobo (Gigabyte).
It doesnt happen when I install a GForce2 MX instead of my GForce4 TI.

all fans are working, and I dont think anything got too hot inside.

anyone experienced something like that?

system setup: (everything is brand new, or max. 4 months old)
AMD AthlonXP 2600+
ABit NF7 mobo
400W PSU
Inno3D GeForce4 TI4200
LG DVD-ROM drive
LG CDRW drive
Maxtor 40GB 7200rpm HDD
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  1. Try putting your finger on the GPU HSF (watch our for the fan and be prepared to quickly move your finger away if it's too hot).

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  2. Sounds like your Gfx card is overheating.

    Is your gfx card overclocked?

    do you have any case fans, and if so how are they positioned, and which way are they blowing?

    Have you tried running something like Sisoft Sandra burn-in, to stress everything else in the system except the graphics.

    $hit Happens. I just wish it would happen to someone else for a change.
  3. heya Dan;

    What do you mean by "the computer fries"?

    Also can you give us some details on how you installed the CPU-HSF, did you use the factory thermal pad or remove it and use artic silver?

    Specifically what hardware fails when it "fries"?

    What PSU do you have specifically?

    Give us some more detail.

  4. answers:
    the PSU fries. at one time - also the CDRW, DVD, and 2 HD's were burnt.

    about the CPU-HSF - i used the factory thermal pad, and put some paste also.

    I used all kinds of switching PSU's (alot of replacing, you see), from 300W to 400W - all had the same problem.

    i have 3 fans on my case: front and side going inwards, back fan going outward.

    last time it burnt it stayed OK for 3 days straight, then fried at night while i was sleeping and only kazaa was on.
  5. Are you using a brand name Psu or cheap one?
  6. Hey doc, my arm hurts when I hold it up like this. Well then dont hold it up like that! If your problem only happens with your ti4200, loose it. It probably has an intermitant short that shows when it is warm. You could try taking the hold down screw out and see if that changes anything. If it does, you have a micro fracture in the graphics board caused by stress, but even if this does nothing, it still does not make a bad video card good. Rma it and see if you still have the same problem. Note, if your vid card does not seat well, with the tab just touching the case, dont force it.
  7. Quote:
    and if I dont shut it down immediatly - the computer fries.

    You mean it <b>freezes</b> (cannot move mouse or anything else)? I tend to agree with someone that said your vid card is overheated.

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  9. sounds like flakey powersupply to me...

    If i put my k6 in a Ferrari it would be faster than your your pentium 4 or Athlon XP :tongue:
  10. Yeah I think it could be the psu or your power supply. Had those happen to me a number of times, in the beginning my power supply tripped, then my psu went dead.
  11. psu and power supply are the same thing
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